Prambanan Temple

Candi (temple) Prambanan lies right across at the border between Klaten regency (central java province) and sleman regency (yogyakarta province special teritory).  A hindu temple which was built by the sanjaya dynasti in the ninth century and it consists of three large candis, the largest of shiva witha a hight of 47 metres and other for brahma and visnhu on either side.

Around prambanan temple, you can visit to some Budha temples such as temples of sajiwan, lumbung, sewu and plaosan.

Prambanan situated at a distance of 13 kms from klaten town, westward on route to yogyakarta and 17 kms from Yogyakarta eastward on the way to klaten or surakarta. related topic : prambanan temple photo, prambanan temple compounds, prambanan temple travel, map prambanan

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