Central Java Flora

central java cultureThere are many kinds of tropical plant in Central Java. They are divided into three groups Food stuffs such as paddy (rice) and corn, etc. Vegetables, such as cabbages, carrots, ccleries, shallots, garlic, potatocs Industrial plants, such as tobacco, cane, cotton, tea, chocolate, coconut palm, etc.  There are also various kinds of tropical flowers which growwell in the province for example mawar (rose), melat, (jasmine), kenanga (cananga odorata), orchid, sunflower, cIt. In terms of flower, the melati, the kenanga and kantil are typical flower of Central Java which can not be separated from the peoples daily Life. The mixture of these flowers known as “Kembang Telon’ is usually used as part of an offering in any ritual done by the Javanese Rose (mawar) are often used when visiting cemetery On the occasion of the World Environment Day 1990, Indonesia made a definite choice of ‘The Melati” (Jasmine Sambac) as the National Flowers. Some (lowers were also selected as identifying region/province in Order to introduce them viewed from the uniqueness of one special kind of flora and fauna Thc Central Java Province has chosen “The Kantil flower (Michelia Alba) as the provincial identity flower.

Central Java People

central java airportThe population of Central Java was 28.6 million people in 1990, 4936 percent male and 5064 percent female, Central Java is one of the most densely population province, it’s about 896 persons per square kilometre. For their living, the people work as farmers, traders, civil servant, employees of private cntcrprises. Apart from the native tribes, there arc also some foreigi tribes living in the province.  Most of them arc Arabic, Chinese, Indian and Pakisitan As regard to the native women, most of the older generation wear attire of what is called “Kebaya”, while those who arc teenagers and adults wear more modern clothes, Like blouse and skins or trousers.  As for the men, it can be said that those living in rural areas wear Sarong and shirt. The Javancsc people are famous for their friendliness, courtesy and hospitality, which are typic al Javanese habits.

Karimunjawa Island

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Karimunjawa Island is the best place for all.  Karimunjawa island have a beautifull beach.  Karimunjawa at central java, near jepara town.

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it is a national mareine park possessing various kinds of unique marine life, such as corals, ornamental sea fishes, mangrove,etc.  Visitors can also enjoy bathing, fishing, hiking, camping and mountainering, etc.

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It lies about 45 miles from jepara.  Boat are available at hte kartini beach to reach karimunjawa.  The voyage takes 4 hours.  There is also an airfield here to give an air acces from semarang.  So, what are you waiting now. lets go to karimunjawa island and lets fun. lets fun together with your family.

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Dieng Plateau

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Speaking about tourist at Wonosobo and Banjarnegara regencies, there is a point of interest that you have to take note of namely “Dieng Plateau”.

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Dieng Plateau lies right across at the border between Wonosobo regency and Banjarnegara regency. Banjarnegara regency occupies the largest part of the plateau, yet the easier access to reach the plateau is from Wonosobo town.

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This is the largest high land in Java that lies at 2.093 metre above sea level with the average temperature of 15 Celcius.

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It,s only one hours drive from Wonosobo o reach here at a distance of 26 Kilometres. Many public vehicles are available at Wonosobo to go to Dieng Plateau. In the plateau you can visit various kinds of tourist attractions such as group of “Pandawa” Hindu temple, lakes, active craters, the well of Serayu River, Cave, etc. Hotels are available there for overnight stay.

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Rawa Pening

 legenda rawa pening dalam bahasa inggris | legend of rawa pening | cerita rakyat rawa pening |On your ride from Semarang to Solo you may stop over at Rawa Pening (Pening swamp) which lies at the road side between Bawen and Salatiga. You can enjoy meals at the restaurants which are scattered along the swamp bank provided with swimming pool, children play group,etc

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Rawa Pening is the lake water as well as tourist attractions in the District of Semarang, Central Java. With an area of ​​2670 hectares it occupies the District of Ambarawa, Bawen, Tuntang, and Banyubiru. rawa pening located in the lowest slopes of Mount Merbabu, Telomoyo Mountain, and Mount Ungaran.
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The lake is experiencing rapid silting. Never be a place for fishing, is now almost the entire surface of the marsh is covered with water hyacinth. Weeds are also already covered Tuntang River, especially upstream. Effort to overcome this invasive species is done by doing the cleaning and utilization of water hyacinth training in crafts, but the pressure is very high plant populations.
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According to legend, Rawa Pening formed from regurgitated water flowing from the former stick scraped by the New Klinthing. New Klinthing story that turned into a little boy full of sores and smelled fishy so it is not accepted by society and ultimately helped this old widow had passed.

Lawang Sewu

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This building with classical European architecture, one of the old one in the city, was built in 1913. It was formerly used for office of the “Nederlandsch Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij (NIS)”. Now it is used for the administration office of the Central Java Provincial Office of Department of Transportation.

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The building lies on Jl. Pemuda, close to the Tugu Muda Monument. It is known as the Thousand Doors Building (Lawang Sewu), since it has many doors.

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The Kyai Langgeng Park

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It occupies a land of about 19 hectares and lies only about 1 likometre away from the town centre and can be reached by public transportation.

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You can enjoy the tranquility of rural atmosphere and leaving the business of town life to “go back to nature” here.

magelang kulinerThe park is provided with collection of many kinds of scarce plants from all over Indonesia, a large cage of various kinds of tropical birds, swimming-pool, hotel, restaurant, souvenirshop, tropical fruit market, etc.

Lets go to Indonesia, lets fun and happy together.

Bandungan, Bandungan Mountain Resort

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It lies on the slope of Mount Ungaran at the height of 900 metres above sea level. It is a recreational and resting place which is always visited by the people for its cool air. It is facilitated with accomodation rating from moderate to luxurious hotel, conference and meeting venue.

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Going up further north about 5 km from Bandungan visitor can visit “Gedong Songo” temple- a group of nine small Hindu temples which were built around 927 AD. All nine (Songo) are placed on separate hills. Mist usually covers the area at dawn and dusk.

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Visitors can enjoy riding on horse back around the hilly area. There are three routes to reach Bandungan. From Ambarawa which about 7 Kilometres away, a by pass road is also available between Karangjati – Bawen and from the town of Temanggung via Sumowono sub district about 30 kolimetres.

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Lets fun and happy at bandungan mountain.

Baturaden, Baturaden Mountain Resort

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It lies on the slope of Mount Slamet at the height of 640 metres above sea level. Baturaden offers a number of tourist attractions. You can enjoy such as bathing at the hot springs of “ Pancuran Pitu and Pancuran Telu”, cool and fresh weather with the surrounding beautiful nature panorama of the mountain range, hiking to the tropical forest which is open to visitor,etc.

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Hotels ranging from the star classes to the modest one are available in abundance for overnight stay.

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To get there, you can take public transports from Purwokerto, about 14 Kilometres from here. If you visit Purwokerto, please taste the specific snack such as, “Keripik Tempe” (chip of fried formented soy bean) and “Getuk Goreng” (Fried Getuk).

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lets go to baturaden, and we will be enjoy and happy together.