Rawa Pening

 legenda rawa pening dalam bahasa inggris | legend of rawa pening | cerita rakyat rawa pening |On your ride from Semarang to Solo you may stop over at Rawa Pening (Pening swamp) which lies at the road side between Bawen and Salatiga. You can enjoy meals at the restaurants which are scattered along the swamp bank provided with swimming pool, children play group,etc

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Rawa Pening is the lake water as well as tourist attractions in the District of Semarang, Central Java. With an area of ​​2670 hectares it occupies the District of Ambarawa, Bawen, Tuntang, and Banyubiru. rawa pening located in the lowest slopes of Mount Merbabu, Telomoyo Mountain, and Mount Ungaran.
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The lake is experiencing rapid silting. Never be a place for fishing, is now almost the entire surface of the marsh is covered with water hyacinth. Weeds are also already covered Tuntang River, especially upstream. Effort to overcome this invasive species is done by doing the cleaning and utilization of water hyacinth training in crafts, but the pressure is very high plant populations.
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According to legend, Rawa Pening formed from regurgitated water flowing from the former stick scraped by the New Klinthing. New Klinthing story that turned into a little boy full of sores and smelled fishy so it is not accepted by society and ultimately helped this old widow had passed.

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